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Watermelon (scientific: Kitroullos the vetch, Citrullus lanatus) is a fruit originating from southern Africa. The varieties consumed today can reach several kilos in weight.Watermelon has a smooth exterior with colour, shades of green and sometimes with alternating dark and light green stripes. The peel is hard enough, with a thickness of about one centimeter and white colour inside. The main part of the watermelon inside is soft, red, has many black seeds (or white) and contains large amounts of water.
In Greece it ripens in summer and is one of the most refreshing summer fruits, ideal for consumption in slices ​​or fruit salads. It can also be also mixed in a blender and make sorbet or soft drink, with or without the addition of a small amount of alcohol. It can also be done fruit - punch, cutting it in half, emptying one half and refilling it with the grinded content plus a bottle of vodka and ice cubes. In several parts of Greece with the peel of watermelon they make conserves.


Processing Period: 
10 May to 31 August
Medium, Large
External: Green Internal: Red
Other Characteristics: 
Watermelon with red flesh is a significant source of lycopene. Latest research shows that eating watermelon can have effects against hypertension.