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The pear is the fruit of the pear tree.
Its shape is long and narrows at its end where it is, while the stem is wide at bottom. There are varieties of pears with apple shape. Pears externally are pale green, greenish, yellowish, light yellow depending on the variety. Inside the flesh is usually white softer than apples and sweeter.
There are several varieties of pears. In Greece the main ones are crystals where the pear weight is 100-130 grams. The colour is yellow-green and the flesh white.
The famous dude pears with medium-sized fruit of 60-90 grams. They have light green colour outside with wonderful aroma and flavour. Not easily found in the markets and the price is a bit high.
The butter ones, with yellowish colour externally, are large pears of 120-160 grams weight. The flesh is soft and their taste is slightly sweet and buttery.
Pears are harvested before ripening well, but at such a stage that their ripening later will take place without altering the taste and colour. Eaten fresh, are made compotes, used in pastry making and being made ​​jams. They contain vitamin C, calcium, niacin, vitamin B6, phosphorus and potassium .

Greece has 140,000 tones annually.


Processing Period: 
15 October to 31 December
Light green, greenish, yellowish, light yellow, green and red
Other Characteristics: 
They contain vitamin C, calcium, niacin, vitamin B6, phosphorus and potassium.