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The peach is the fruit of peach tree. It has a spherical or oval shape, a back seam and smooth or rough skin depending on the variety of different colours of yellow, pink and red and the yellow-white (white peach ).
The flesh is juicy, fragrant with sweet and slightly sour taste. The core of peach (kernel) is great red with many grooves and stays stuck in the flesh or peeled off easily. There are many kinds of peach that differ in shape, colour and taste. So we nectarines with hard flesh, the white-fleshed peaches with white hard flesh and taste more bitter than peaches, yellow peach with a soft and very aromatic flesh and kernel being easily removed and peaches with red fruit.
The table peaches and nectarines eaten raw and are collected from the trees about a week before being full ripen. So they can be preserved for about 15 days. The peach is quite sensitive to heat and if left unrefrigerated rots quickly.
Peaches except from fresh can be eaten as compote, being made jams, used in pastry making, are made liqueurs, soft drinks and ​​juices. Peach canning is very developed and canned peach are eaten in large quantities in many areas. Peach contains a sufficient amount of vitamin C, sugar and protein.

Greece also has a very big production with 380,000 tones per year.

Processing Period: 
15 May to 15 September
Yellow, pink and red
Other Characteristics: 
Peach contains a sufficient amount of vitamin C, sugar and protein.