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Orange (Merlin-Navel)

The orange ( Citrus epist. the indian , Citrus × sinensis), is from the more important citrus.  it originates from India and China . It was known since ancient times. Nevertheless its intensive cultivation began in 10 AD century in North Africa . Around 1490 arrived in the Mediterranean regions from the Portuguese navigators and speculated that her name is due to them. It was then spread from Greece to many European countries .

The orange does not withstand very low temperatures, up to 4 degrees below zero the most. It is a small tree reaching a height of 8 meters and rarely grows more than that. The trunk is smooth and straight, its roots are rich, tufted and do not reach deep.

The orange blooms once a year and flowering lasts for 5-7 weeks . The fruit of the orange is orange or esperidio.

The orange fructify satisfactorily for about 80 years, and there are trees bearing fruit after 100 years or more. Early varieties ripe their fruit from October while the late in summer months .

Navel oranges are a popular variety with very palatable and juicy fruit, grown in many regions of the world .

The Navalines have spherical wrist, slightly oval, of medium size, with small umbilicus and seeded . Their flesh is less sweet than the Merlin but with more juice .

Processing Period: 
01 January to 28 February
15 October to 31 December
Other Characteristics: 
Orange is rich in vitamin C. It also contains sugars, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A.