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Grape (Grape or Sultana)

The vineyard or vine is angiosperm plant that belongs to the class of Ramnodon and the family of vine-like, with many varieties grown in the temperate regions of the world. The vineyard is grown primarily for its fruit, the grape, while the leaves are used in cookery (dolmades). Grapes can be eaten as is or used either for sweets (sweet) or for making raisins, wine, other alcoholic drinks such as tsipouro and finally alcohol (ethanol).

The vine is a perennial plant and grows quickly.

There are numerous varieties of vineyards, being divided basically into varieties suitable for wine production, to those destined for production of grapes for table use, those suitable for the production of raisins and finally varieties for the production of juices, cocktails and cans.

Processing Period: 
15 August to 15 October
Small, Medium
Yellow - Green
Other Characteristics: 
Rich in vitamins A (sight), C, vitamins of cluster B, contains calcium (Ca), phosphor (r), potassium (K) and iron (Fe), is good source of carbohydrates.