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Cherries are named the fruits of tree of cherry tree (Prunus). They have form overall and their rind is smooth and shiny. They are small in size and their colour it varies depending on the variety. Exist two types of cherry trees and hundreds varieties: the sweet cherry - known and as Prunus avium in the botanists and the sour cherry, known as cherry (scientific name Prunus cerasus). From the sweet varieties particular preferences it assembles this with big, bathykokkinoys and juicy fruits.

As long as for the place of origin of fruit, no one does not know it says with certainty however, the ancient Greeks they believed that it emanated from the Asia Minor and more concretely from the city of Kerasoyntas (from oy and the name) near Eyxeino Point. The Roman general Loykoylos discovered him also him brought in Italy. The cherries are sweet, acidic and astringent and have thermal action in the organism. They neutralise the intellectual lassitude, they are hence very usefully in the students specifically in periods of examinations of (end of school year as an example, that it coincides with the season where exist in abundance the cherries), gi' this is recommended they at least eat two with three kilos cherries the week.

In Greece they are produced in Kolindro Pieria, in Edessa, in Grevena, in Northern Chios and in her enough other regions, northern mainly, Greece.

They are advisable in the anaemia, because, because their high content in iron, they promote the hematopoiesis, in oligothermidikes diets of slimming, because the sugars, that they contain satisfy the sense of sweet, without they overload the organism with calories. On the other hand researchers report that the calories constitute fable and force the laws of thermodynamics. Their content in metal salts increases the alkaline reserves of organism, contributing, thus, in the reduction of lassitude and the extension of muscular effort. Acting apotoxinotika, for the liver, the cholidocho bladder, the glandular system and the organism more generally.

Processing Period: 
01 May to 30 July
Deep red
Other Characteristics: 
The plant fibres and the organic acids that they contain give powerful purgative action.