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The apple is a fruit, a fruit of the apple tree (scientific: Milea tractable, Latin. Malus domestica) of rosaceous family (Rosaceae). It is one of the most popular and widely cultivated fruits.The cultivated apple is mentioned by Theophrastus in 3o c. BC. Upon discovery of the new world and the settlement of the settlers, many European varieties were moved in America.

The apple is the most prevalent fruit worldwide. The apple production in Greece currently in cultivated area is approximately 150,000,000 m2 and the annual production is 350,000 tons, being the second most important crop of the deciduous fruit after the peach tree. The cultivation of apple tree in systematic orchards is found mostly in Central and Western Macedonia. The largest concentration of apple trees is located in the vicinity of Veria. It is also cultivated in Imathia, Pella, Kastoria.
Today it is estimated that there are around 7.5 thousand varieties of apple trees.

Processing Period: 
01 August to 31 December
01 January to 31 March
Yellow flesh or White flesh
Other Characteristics: 
Has varied shape from spherical to elongated, flesh crisp or mealy, savory, sweet, sour or slightly sour and the seeds are brown hue.