About us

The company DGA Exports L.t.d was established in July 2011, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Under its statutes, the company has a wide range of activities such as:

∙ Imports - exports

∙ Trading activity & representation

∙ Consultancy

∙ Food trading

∙ Fruit trading

∙ Commission agreements

∙ Supply of services, etc.

Initially the company dealt with energy issues, hence its name. However, due to the fact that the company is not vertically integrated regarding its activities and as a result of the market interest and demand, it has expanded in the areas of fruit trading and investors’ servicing for investments in the Balkan countries.

The company's goal is to provide quality services as well as the proper handling of agreements.

DGA Exports L.t.d. has entered with methodically and steady steps into the fruits area.

It has established cooperation with a number of serious Greek producers and selection facilities in Western Greece, Peloponnesus, Central and Western Macedonia where they are working their orchards with love and joy. 

The exceptional weather conditions and the microclimate of the region, produce high quality and nutritional value products.

They are being picked with a lot of care and respect to the fruit, in order to have the best product on your table.

We guarantee the high quality of our products.